The 2019 OWE Festival Needs Street Performers (BUSKERS)

Saturday, June 1st from Noon to 9:00pm and Sunday, June 2nd from Noon to 5:00pm.

Do you know someone who can: Walk on Stilts? Ride a unicycle? Do: acrobatics, animal tricks, balloon animals, draw caricatures, clowning, contortions, escapology, dance solo or with a group, hula hoop, tell fortunes, juggling, magic, mime, living statues, acoustical instruments, puppeteering, street theatre, sword swallowing, ventriloquism…

BUSKERS will be performing on street corners, blocked-off streets, on porches of Houses on Tour, at the Arboretum Beer Garden, at the Art Fair, and everywhere in between! Choose a timeslot and perform as long as you want!

NOTE: Get a Street Performer's license so you can accept tips! Obtain one online here.

Contact Misha for more information ASAP!
419-297-6907 call or text