Yard Sales are throughout the neighborhood, Sat. & Sun.


Visit our “good neighbors” and their yard sales!

All yard sales registered with Festival are listed here, at the Info Booths during Festival, and featured in advertising for Festival. Look for the official yard sale signs!

Contact Jennifer Richmond: Jennifer.hovorka@yahoo.com

Constance Richmond
2721 Collingwood Blvd. (Sunday Only)

Melody Brewer
2553 Glenwood Ave.

AbdulRahman Congreve
2611 Scottwood Ave.

Mary Weil
2108 Collingwood Blvd. (Saturday Only)

Sharon Price
2544 Robinwood Ave.

Dennis Lange
2116 Scottwood Ave.

Stas Krukowski
2428 Scottwood Ave.

Catherine Hernandez
2041 Parkwood Ave.

Melissa Mull
2624 Robinwood Ave.

Chad Imbrogno
2339 Robinwood Ave.

Cheryl Echols
627 Islington St.

Sherre Smith
2255 Robinwood Ave.

Harry Tennery
2476 Robinwood Ave.

Kacey McCreery
2308 Robinwood Ave.

Ann Guyton
2459 Scottwood Ave.

Danielle Stinson
2486 Robinwood Ave. 

Mary Lindberg
2243 Scottwood Ave.

Elisha Whitenack
2222 Scottwood Ave.

Marcie Wahba
2485 Robinwood Ave.

Kathleen Kovacs
2320 Robinwood Ave.

Dana Pienta
2228 Robinwood Ave.

Jeanette Eckert
2428 Scottwood Ave.