King Wamba & Queen Sancha


2018's KING & QUEEN

Dave & Toni Saad Moore  have been residents of Toledo for all of their lives (except for a short stint in Lima, OH).  We both grew up in the South end .....Toni went to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Grade School and Dave went to St. Charles.  They met at Central Catholic High School and graduated in 1959.  Dave attended the University of Toledo and Toni attended Stautzenberger Business School.  Dave Served for 4 years in the Air Force and when he returned home he and Toni married in 1967.  They have been married for over 50 years.  Toni worked for Buckeye Cablevision  until she and Dave married and then they moved to Lima, OH.  Dave was working for IBM and had been transferred to Lima.  Toni & Dave have two children, Melissa & Dave Jr.  Sadly Dave Jr. passed away in 2015.  Today, Melissa's 3 children, bring much joy to our lives.   Dave was reassigned by IBM back to Toledo in 1970 and thus began the great adventure of our lives.  A move to Toledo's Old West End.  Many people thought this was a huge mistake, and boy were they wrong.  We have met and made so many wonderful friends in the OWE, we could never imagine living anywhere else.   There was such a wonderful group of young people moving into the OWE in the early 70's and the established residents were nurturing and helpful.   Many of us learned new things, like how to strip wood, paint, plumb, plant a garden etc. and all the things it takes to maintain an old home.  They was so much bartering back then, if you could paint and someone else could wallpaper, or plumb or do electrical....well that was just the way it was then, no one had a lot of money so sharing your abilities gave someone else the opportunity to do the same.  It was a magical time.  So many things to do....not just on your home but issue's that an inner city neighborhood faces.  And that beat goes on yet today.  Toni became involved with Women of The Old West End and Dave the Old West End Association.  The Women's group was, of course women and the Assn. was only men back in the day.  Today thankfully the groups are blended.  Dave served as the second President of the OWE Historic District Commission 1979.  Toni has been involved with WOWE since 1971.  When Women of the Old West End ran the Festival, Toni chaired it in 1975 & 1980.  Toni & Dave continue to be involved in the things that matter for the Old West End and have severed on many committee's for the betterment of the OWE and our community.  Toni served on the OWE Neighboring Housing Services 1975-1979, in 1988 Toni helped organize Tours de Noel, in 1998 Toni was instrumental in the design the new Commons Park which WOWE adopted in 2000.  Toni was appointed as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) to the Juvenile Court in 1983 and served in that position for 30 years and was longest member serving in that position in the State of Ohio.  In 1997 Dave was asked by the Lucas County Victim Witness program to speak to Jr. High & High School students in the Public, Private and Charter Schools.  Dave had the opportunity to speak at many schools to students about "choice" and how it could impact their life.   Toni and Dave both serve with other non-profits organizations and Boards. "We have been blessed with much and so giving back is what we do".  We  also  thank  all of our friends and neighbors who have been by our side over the years.

 "Our lives have never been boring."

Thank you to the OWEA for this amazing honor of King Wamba & Queen Sancha for this year's Old West End Festival.