Golf Cart Reservations for Volunteers.


Reserve your carts online by doing the below Three (3) steps by May 5th, 2018.

Golf carts are available to rent for the weekend of June 1st to the 3rd, for VOLUNTEERS ONLY. If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer, please click here.

1. Release/Waiver

Name *
Which committee are you volunteering for? If you are not volunteering, your cart request will be denied.
If your cart is being sponsored, please provide the name of the sponsor here:
Type of Cart(s) Requested *
Note: We will try to accommodate all requests. If we are unable to, you will be contacted.
Waiver *
The undersigned, a volunteer for the Old West End Association (“OWEA”) has requested to rent a golf cart through OWEA for the duration of the Old West End Festival. I hereby certify that I have provided current and accurate insurance information (copy of insurance information supplied). I acknowledge that OWEA undertakes no responsibility for my operation of the golf cart. I will look solely to my insurance for any claims related to my use of the golf cart, including damage to or theft of the golf cart. In consideration of OWEA allowing me to rent this golf cart through the OWEA, I hereby waive and release OWEA from any claim by me or liability to me arising from any injury or property damage which occurs as an incident to the operation of said vehicle. I agree to indemnity OWEA and to hold it harmless from any claims or assertions of claims for personal injury or property damage (including all associated costs, disbursements and attorney’s fees) by any person (including members of my family, my guests or others who may operate said vehicle) arising out of the operation of said vehicle, irrespective of the source or course of events upon which claims or assertion is based. I further understand and agree that I am responsible for the operation of said vehicle by me, members of my family or anyone operating said vehicle with my direct or indirect permission. I am responsible for any damage to such vehicle, damaged caused by such vehicle, or misuse or theft of such vehicle. I am responsible for returning said vehicle to the Arboretum by 7:00 PM on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018. I have read this Insurance Certification, Release and Waiver and agree to abide by its terms.

2. Online Payment


Checks:  must be written out to "Old West End Association" and mailed to Jemma Hostetler, 612 Winthrop, Toledo 43620.

3. Proof of Insurance

Provide a copy of your insurance, via email: 

You may request golf carts the old-fashioned way, by downloading this PDF. Note: Your paperwork and check must arrive by May 5th, 2018 in order to reserve a cart.


Golf Carts may be picked up at the Arboretum on Friday, June 1st, from NOON to 7 PM.

Cart Returns 

Return your cart to the Arboretum between 5 PM and 7 PM on Sunday, June 3rd. Please remove all decoration and tape from the cart prior to returning it. If you are LATE returning your cart, you will be charged a $50 late fee and will NOT be able to rent a cart in 2019.


Distribution (pick-up, cart issues, drop-off):
Bradley Arps
(419) 789-8662

Distribution (pick-up, cart issues, drop-off):
Matt Carder
(419) 367-4208

Jemma Hostetler
(917) 523-3742