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2018 Social Events Calendar

Calendars will be available Dec. 1st, limited supply available. Prepayment orders are currently being accepted. Get your orders in now.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Those who prepay by Nov. 20th will receive a link to blooper reels and additional photos not featured!

This is a full color, 12 month calendar honoring and featuring “Men of the Old West End”. Each month representing a different theme; such as, musicians, artist, historians, summer time fun, etc. The calendar will also offer brief snip-its of information offering our neighbors some information about the men featured. It will also include the birthdays of all men pictured within. Additionally will have dates of any and all submitted relevant “social events” in and around the immediate OWE.

*This calendar is a fundraiser for the OWE, all money collected (after production costs) go directly back into the neighborhood.

Cost: $20 per calendar.

Pre-Order Calendar

This is our first social calendar (from the OWE Association, though there have been OWE calendars done in the past from WOWE). Future calendar "themes" are being accepted by email.